Contender Pistol

The Barrel & Hatchet Contedner Pistol Course introduces the students to the knowledge, skills and attitude necessary for owning, using, and defending themselves with a red dot, or iron sight pistol safely.  Throughout the course, students will learn about red dot characteristics, how to zero a red dot sight, and methods to consistently “Find the Dot.” Students running iron sights will learn proper fundamentals and quick ways to achieve sight alignment. The course builds the foundation for a 4 stage draw, mastering smooth footwork and proper stance. Students will also be confident in their weapons handling abilities and be able to maneuver safely in any environment. This course will also have multiple dynamic drills designed to reinforce the skills learned by the student. This course builds a strong foundation in the fundamentals and gives the student the confidence and ability to be an asset with their pistol skills in any run & gun scenario.

Course Materials Provided by Instructor

  • Safety Briefing
  • Tape
  • Shot timers
  • Steel TGTS
  • Paint
  • Targets


Course Materials Provided by Student

  • Any semi automatic pistol
  • Minimum of 500 rounds of weapon appropriate ammunition
  • 3-4 magazines
  • Magazine Pouch or pocket capable of holding mags
  • Approved hearing protection
  • Approved eye protection
  • OWB Holster – No leather, nylon, or BLACKHAWK Serpa.
  • Holster must match pistol
  • Lunch/ Snacks
  • Permanent Marker



All Students must bring $40 Cash to cover the Range fees/ Any student that does not have cash the day of the class will be able to pay with their card via our card reader. Depending on the facility, students may also check in with the front office area and pay the range the fee directly.

Please bring lunch and snacks, we do not have a lunch break in our courses, we allow the student to eat as we move along with instruction throughout the day. We do not want to waste your time. We want to ensure that all the time we have together is devoted towards your training!

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