Red Dot Pistol Alpha

6 Hour Class • $225 Entry • 20 Slots Available

The Barrel & Hatchet Trade Group Baseline Red Dot Pistol Alpha course is designed to build the RDS pistol shooter from the ground up. This course is designed for pistol shooters who have experience in pistol shooting and are new to the Red Dot, or are trying to build solid form and foundation with their RDS pistol. This course will be covering the same manipulation as any solid pistol courses in the community but will show and train the benefits of the red dot and cover zeroing as well. In this Course students will learn the fundamentals of pistol marksmanship and isolating major and micro moments that take away from consistency. This course is designed to highly focus on form. The Holster draw will also be covered as well as speed and tactical reloads, clearing malfunctions, target transitions and tempo as well as an introduction to solid  footwork and movement. This course will build a strong foundation that will prepare the student for the Bravo course or any other Sound pistol courses in the industry. This course is exciting and will help you progress in your shooting journey towards speed and accuracy. We are excited to train with you and hope to see you on the range!

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Student Equipment List

  • Any semi automatic pistol with Pistol Red Dot Sight
  • Minimum of 500 rounds of weapon appropriate ammunition
  • 3-4 magazines
  • Magazine Pouches
  • Shooting belt
  • Approved hearing protection
  • Approved eye protection
  • OWB Kydex or Duty Holster – NO leather, NO nylon, NO BLACKHAWK Serpa
  • Holster much match pistol


*****IMPORTANT STUDENT NOTES: Please bring lunch and snacks, we do not have a lunch break in our courses, we allow the student to eat as we move along with instruction throughout the day. We do not want to waste your time. We want to ensure that all the time we have together is devoted towards your training!*****


*****This course is very fast paced and not for the individual brand new to the firearms world. This course is designed for pistol shooters with a solid grasp of firearms safety and pistol functions. This course is a great course for the shooter beginning their journey towards solid performance and the seasoned shooter as well. *****

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