8 Hour Class • $600 Entry • 20 Slots Available

Range Fee $40 Per day (Both Days $80 Paid direct to Element Training Center on the day of Training)


This is a SPECIAL event that is one of a kind!  The Minuteman Carbine Symposium is a collaborative course with Eric from Barrel & Hatchet and Adrian from Sidewinder concepts.

In this course Adrian and Eric will be collectively teaching a 2 day carbine course that establishes a strong foundational base for fundamental skills, to manipulation and problem solving with the carbine to make you as the shooter more effective. You will work targets at distance and also be able to run your gun at closer targets. This class is the only course of its kind for 2024! As a student you will receive a complete exposure to so many different skills and gain knowledge that will make you an extremely proficient rifleman.  Two-day course utilizing your standard rifle outfitted with an LPVO or Red Dot Magnifier (Your main GO-TO Battle Rifle) we will take your marksmanship skills to the next level. This class will teach you to become more precise and accurate with your perspective carbine. Having both closer and intermediate-range capabilities, shooters will find themselves approaching situations with rapid target engagements 300 yards and in and lots of movement with a goal of bridging the gap between precision and speed. Precise marksmanship and distance shooting require essential supporting skills to achieve success. This course will show you those skills. Topics that will be covered, but not limited to are:
  • Max Point Blank Zeros
  • (RE)Range Estimation
  • (PID) Positive Identification
  • (RET) Rapid Engagement Techniques
  • Reloads
  • Malfunction Clearance
  • Rifle Carries
  • Footwork and Movement
  • Cover/Concealment Considerations
  • Marksmanship fundamentals with precision considerations
  • Barricade shooting
  • Wind basics
Students will also have the ability to hang out after class with the instructors and ask any questions regarding carbine/ equipment etc. and really explore deeply into the world of being a proficient rifleman. 
You will be set up with the skills to be able to pass knowledge on to friends, family and community and make yourself an asset to all those around you. 
  • Any semi automatic rifle/ carbine. 

  • Minimum of 500 rounds of weapon appropriate ammunition

  • 3-4 magazines

  • Approved hearing protection

  • Approved eye protection

  • Two Point Sling

  • Sighting System (IRON SIGHTS, LPVO, RED DOT, PRISM i.e. ACOG)

  • Water,

  • Lunch/ Snacks

  • Permanent Marker


    Element Training Center has information about lodging on site for the class and local hotels that have rates for students attending courses in Holt Florida. Please contact

    Email: [email protected]

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