Scoped Carbine ALPHA

8 Hour Class • $260 Entry • 20 Slots Available

Barrel & Hatchet Trade Group Scoped Carbine Alpha course is a great course to see how your rifle can stretch out with standard ball ammo. This course has a very heavy focus on the fundamentals of marksmanship as well as different shooting positions. This course does require you to have a scoped optic I.E. an LPVO or an actual scope. We do teach distance shooting with dot & magnifier or prisms in our General Purpose Rifle course, which you can find in our training page.  In this course the student will chrono their rifle and the ammo types they would like to get data on, as well as build general DOPE for their specific rifle. The student will learn how to zero their rifle as well as understand if their equipment is set up properly for them.  The student will spend a lot of time gathering data through fire on their rifle at different distances and also learn to utilize a shooting bag or shooting with a pack. The instructors will also have an in-depth discussion on use of reticles and shooting with a teammate or partner and different verbals to synchronize shooters. Students will be introduced to spotting and seeing trace to help spot for their shooting partner. Time will be involved to slightly stress the shooter and increase speed and accuracy on distant engagement scenarios. This course will help the shooter have confidence in themselves and the capability of their equipment. This course is also designed to equip the student and prepare them for the Bravo Scoped Carbine course. We are excited to train with you and hope to see you on the range!

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Equipment List:

  • Any Caliber semiautomatic carbine system
  • Minimum 400 rds. of rifle ammo
  • Scoped optic/ LPVO Or Scope (no prism or Dot magnifier)
  • Approved hearing and eye protection
  • Minimum 4 Rifle magazines
  • Minimum Rifle accessories- Sling, Light, Sighting system
  • Close toe shoes
  • Optional: knee pads, pants, gloves


*****IMPORTANT STUDENT NOTE: Please bring lunch and snacks, we do not have a lunch break in our courses, we allow the student to eat as we move along with instruction throughout the day. We do not want to waste your time. We want to ensure that all the time we have together is devoted towards your training!*****

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