General Purpose RIfle Alpha

6 Hour Class • $250 Entry • 20 Slots Available

Barrel & Hatchet Training Group reinforces the fundamentals and methods of carbine marksmanship and proper fundamentals while introducing numerous concepts on barricade and positional shooting. Also, an in-depth discussion on use of reticles and shooting with a teammate or partner and different Verbals to synchronize shooters. Time will be involved to slightly stress the shooter and increase speed and accuracy on distant engagement scenarios.

Upcoming General Purpose Rifle ALPHA Classes

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Equipment List:

  • Any Caliber semiautomatic carbine system
  • Minimum 400 rds. of rifle ammo
  • Approved hearing and eye protection
  • Minimum 4 Rifle magazines
  • Minimum Rifle accessories- Sling, Light, Sighting system
  • Close toe shoes
  • Optional: knee pads, pants, gloves

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