2 Day Scoped Carbine – 10/26/24

2 Day Scoped Carbine – 10/26/24

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Barrel & Hatchet Trade Group 2 day Scoped Carbine course is designed to equip the shooter with skills and increase their confidence in their equipment with the ability to engage targets at distance. This is a great course to see how far your rifle can stretch out with standard ball ammo and see its true potential with match grade ammunition. On day one students will go through proper equipment setup and developing their shooters checklist. Students will understand the benefit of properly gassed rifles and minimizing reticle movement. Every student will also shoot a very refined zero and have the opportunity to gather chronograph data on any round they bring. The student will spend a lot of time gathering data through fire on their rifle at different distances. The instructors will also have an in-depth discussion on use of reticles and shooting with a teammate or partner and different verbals to synchronize shooters. Students will be introduced to spotting and seeing trace to help spot for their shooting partner. The first day has a very heavy focus on the fundamentals of marksmanship as well as different shooting positions. 

On day two the students will focus on shooting off different barricades, work through different drills and reinforce the knowledge learned on day one.  The Second day is designed to allow the student to combine all the skills they have learned to be effective in any position or off of any barricade. Students will learn about target transitions and fast engagements. Students will be placed in different exercises where dialing or holds  can be used to prosecute targets more efficiently.  Each shooter will be trained to look for feedback and adjust fire if needed to make an immediate fire correction to achieve accurate rounds on TGT. On Day two there will also be instruction on the benefit of tripods and show the student different applications that the tripod can be used effectively. Shooters will also use expedient improvised items to increase the shooter’s stability for further engagements. Final drills will be involved on day two in order to slightly stress the shooter and increase speed and accuracy on distant engagement scenarios. 

This course does require you to have a scoped optic I.E. an LPVO or an actual scope. We do teach distance shooting with dot & magnifier or prisms in our General Purpose Rifle course, which you can find in our training page.   This course will help the shooter have confidence in themselves and the capability of their equipment. We are excited to train with you and hope to see you on the range!

Equipment List:

  • Any Caliber semiautomatic carbine system
  • Minimum 300 rds. of Standard Ball Rifle ammunition
  • Minimum 400 Rds of Match Grade Rifle ammunition
  • Scoped optic/ LPVO Or Scope (no prism or Dot magnifier)
  • Approved hearing and eye protection
  • Minimum 4 Rifle magazines (optional 2x 20 rd magazines)
  • Minimum Rifle accessories- Sling, Light, Sighting system
  • Closed toe shoes
  • Optional: knee pads, pants, gloves, shooting bag, tripod



All Students must bring $40 Cash to cover the Range fees/ Any student that does not have cash the day of the class will be able to pay with their card via our card reader. Depending on the facility, students may also check in with the front office area and pay the range the fee directly.

Please bring lunch and snacks, we do not have a lunch break in our courses, we allow the student to eat as we move along with instruction throughout the day. We do not want to waste your time. We want to ensure that all the time we have together is devoted towards your training!

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2 Day Scoped Carbine - 10/26/24
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10-26-24 @ 08:00 AM to
10-27-24 @ 03:00 PM

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